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The People's Investigation of 9/11...Stop the Fourth Reich

Lyndon LaRouche and The New American Fascism

Lyndon LaRouche and The New American Fascism

Deception Dollar


CIA Headquarters, San Francisco
Is this the regional staging area for the CIA's many covert-ops, psy-ops, and CBW-ops experiments in the San Francisco Bay Area? Was this the real regional headquarters of the SLA, Jim Jones / Jonestown Cult, contra drug running?
Was this the original staging point for the initial AIDS bio-warfare attacks in Northern California to launch the current AIDS epidemic? Is this the real coordinating center for Rev. Moon's cult and the Church of Scientology Cult in Northern California?
Is this the real Northern California staging area of Ramsey Clark's ANSWER / IAC cult?

War, Peace, and Subversion of Democracy
by U.S. Intelligence Agencies

Fellow Peace workers and researchers into 9/11, State repression, and war.

Here are three web sites about Ramsey Clark’s long-standing, unapologetic, close, active, professional and political alliance with Lyndon LaRouche. LaRouche’s vast right-wing organization, linked to the Aryan Nations, is a documented U.S. Government Intelligence asset and agents provocateurs. They are the biggest private intelligence network in the US, perhaps the world, at least a 30 million dollar per year spy-ring.

Many deeply probing questions and “untouchable” issues about the corrupt, totalitarian, un-elected Clark cult leadership need to be raised in this tyrannous era-post 9/11. Research, interest and action are now needed to re-awaken the Left, to breach the massive Bush regime / LaRouche disinformation war since 9/11.

How did Clark’s small, secretive, un-elected group, Int’l Action Center/ANSWER /WWP, since the mid 70’s, unfortunately succeed, under several previous, impressive titles, in persuading, duping and politically hijacking ever-increasing numbers of unsuspecting people of the Peace movement?

They’re still deceiving thousands into thinking that they are “progressive” i.e. liberal, or a socialist, anti-war, anti-racist, non-homophobic group; when in fact they are the opposite-fake-Left, charlatans. They are secretly allied with, via Ramsey Clark, critical analysis of the available evidence indicates, the fascist LaRouche organization-an arch-enemy of the Left since the 60’s.The vast majority of the unsuspecting Peace movement, in the millions in the U.S. are expected to blindly follow, like sheep, without question, Clark’s authoritarian cult.

The ANSWER cult locks out any kind of movement democracy; tries to discredit any calls for its democratization, external accountability, openness and oversight review. How did all this happen, gradually, yet so brazenly in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 25 years? And, at a time when COINTELPRO was supposed to be winding down. Or did it? The Peace and Social Justice movements ignore this at its peril. Let’s learn from the past. Don’t let history repeat itself. Study recent history and covert ops.

All top leadership of the Peace & Social Justice movement, potentially affecting millions, should be openly and fairly elected by popular vote by its members and supporters with open, due process; and held fully accountable. The same goes for the Labor/Trade Unions and the Worker’s movement. No excuses; laying the foundation / embryo for a government in exile-to give birth to a new social and political order. That would mean complete equality, no social or political hierarchy; peace and global cooperation; not materialistic, global competition, to replace this corrupt, violent, greedy, expansionist Empire, which is now beginning to fall. That is social and political progress-not a cult; where an elitist group makes all top, self-serving decisions. Democracy and voting are hard fought for rights, not a privilege.

Don’t let an authoritarian cult take those rights from you and the movement claiming that they know what’s best for you and the Peace movement. Int’l. Action Center/ANSWER/WWP have basically, the same overlapping leadership, based in NYC, carpet bagging to SF, they’ve grown to become the largest group of its kind in North America headed by Ramsey Clark, former US Attorney General (1967-69). But in fact are one of the biggest obstacles (they planned it that way) other than the U.S. Empire itself- obstacles to social and political progress; These obstacles are compounded by a lot of apathy, laziness, shallow thinking and denial by the Left-denial of current, real, live domestic Intelligence/covert ops against the Left and Peace and Social Justice groups.

This culture of denial is a major impediment for the anti-war, Peace, Social Justice, Black, Gay/Lesbian, religious, Labor, environmental and anti-Globalization movements.

These world-transforming movements need to independently develop, through historic, evolutionary and revolutionary struggles and processes; not remain stagnant, locked up in a dead end, treadmill mind-control cult. These broad based movements, once united should grow into a political and social movement as the embryo/nucleus for a government in exile and for a new social/political order. The ANSWER cult and other elitist, hierarchical, groups like them are a stumbling block to these social and political goals. Clark’s group has knowingly planned it that way. Their rhetoric doesn’t match their actions and links to LaRouche and LaRouche's links to US intelligence.

This mass movement, thus united can really challenge the corrupt, corporate, militaristic and tyrannical Bush regime; and the entire decadent, (over 200 years old) System that is even more destroying human life, the Earth and “civilization” itself. Whose interest is served and who really benefits by ANSWER or any group systematically keeping these basic forms of democracy out of the main body of the Peace and Social Justice movement for so long? Cults are not the answer; democracy and total equality and representative due process is.

Carol Brouillet’s exemplary 9/11 research group, which calls for a “People’s Independent Commission on 9/11” and Bay Area United Against the War, in S. F. are only an all too small but struggling number of Peace groups that are truly progressive. They’re based on open, elected leadership, democracy, consensus and accountability-no cults, and no treadmills.

The San Francisco Bay Area has historically been a hot bed of U.S. Intelligence covert ops and COINTELPRO type activity. Why would they stop now since 9/11? Because Gloria La Rva, Dick Becker and Ramsey Clark claim that that all “stopped” when they took control years ago? They have been, since their arrival in San Francisco in the mid 70's, discouraging anyone from really looking into US Intelligence and covert ops because it would blow their cover.  They, like Bush, encourage blind trust. Just don’t bother to check out their links to LaRouche-they say- ever so subtly. Blind faith, like patriotism and nationalism serves the ruling, corporate, military elite and Bush’s rising Police State. It serves his “Shadow Government” and National Security apparatus; they’re out of control.

We need a Peace and Social Justice movement that wants to know about , keep track of and denounce Government agents, not works with them, denounces co-option, the new COINTELPRO, infiltration, subversion, and derailment; denounces U.S. Intelligence sponsored reality inversion programs like MKULTRA, Jonestown, 9/11, etc.

The Peace & Social Justice movement and the San Francisco Bay are being targeted by all the above and have been so for many years. Study history. It’s happening again. Don’t be lazy. Check it out.  The Peace Movement doesn't have the luxury of having a lot of time left to figure all of this out  Time is not on our side. Time is running out for the Peace Movement.

Many on the Left have only fleeting interest in studying the CIA’s mind control arts and its tactics of mass deception; scant knowledge about it or are usually in denial of it; thus are caught off guard. The Axis of Evil currently has in its vast arsenal, weapons of mass deception and mind control programs. That’s what the Intelligence Establishment, 9/11 and corporate media are mostly about lies, mass control, manipulation and military conquest. Don’t fall for it. Don’t let them, their Agents, or Double Agents do your thinking for you.

To those naïve and uninformed people who say: “Oh, you are so divisive, outrageous…attacking other innocent Peace group and Peace leaders…You should focus your attention and criticism only on the Bush Administration, not on other “progressives”, or hard working anti-war groups. Don’t get side tracked…” To those naive people we say: We now live in a State of tyranny. Constructive criticism should be very welcome. The Divisive One is the ruling, corporate, military industrial complex; and those who are linked with its Intelligence Agencies and their contractors. A “Peace” group is not innocent if it is like Clark, a top, highly visible leader in the ANSWER cabal, who admittedly and unapologetically has a documented long standing legal and political relationship with a documented U.S. Intelligence asset, an arch-enemy of the Left like LaRouche. Get a clue; facts are facts. Should the Peace movement feel more “progressive”, liberated and secure with such Government Agents (LaRouche) and Agent collaborators like Clark, allowed in to take over to run their “political”, State sponsored scams.

They’re running a charade and road show foisted onto the innocent, unsuspecting Peace movement; seducing and turning many, including college graduates, professionals, and attorneys in the San Francisco Bay Area into pliable pawns; thereby seriously endangering the Peace and Social Justice movements. The divisive one is the group(s) that prohibits internal democracy and elections by and for the Peace protestors, not those who call for democracy, accountability and elections in the movement. Or do you simply get turned on by a lot of authoritarianism in the Peace movement, sold to you as “democracy”? You’re going to have a rude awakening-called tyranny.

Do a reality check. We’ve done our homework. Please do yours. We are prepared with facts and documents from all over the country.

That’s what we say to naïve, gullible and tragically uninformed people who don’t want to ask a lot of deep, probing questions about Clark and ANSWER. Don’t join any group that discourages, or in any way blocks questions, probing and your input into all decisions, agenda, direction, funding and goals. Don’t let the Cult hijack any of the above.

In conclusion: Has Ramsey Clark or any of his group encouraged any of the millions of Peace protesters in the U.S. that have showed up at “his” huge Peace rallies/marches since 9/11 to work for democracy within ANSWER and a nation-wide election of leadership and accountability in the country’s largest anti-war coalition? i.e. that all the Peace protesters be “allowed” (Isn’t democracy and voting/due process a right, not a privilege?) to be a part of all the decision making process? The practice of democracy and due process begins at home, in the movement and then to the world. Clark and ANSWER have switched democracy into a privilege not a right. They want your money $$$$$$$ but wont let you vote on any decisions and leadership. They practice a form of self-serving privilege.  What is the purpose of the Peace Movement? To be blind servants to a cult? To stop all wars, and covert-ops?  A Peace Mo vent is based on representative democracy.  You should decide, not the cult.

Has any one ever bothered to ask Ramsey Clark if he stills works for the Justice Dept., which runs the FBI, or has been or is now working with any Federal Gvm’t. branch, any Intelligence Agency or with any of its many “off the books” contractors? Don’t assume that Clark will tell you the truth about this or his links to LaRouche; considering the many skeletons they both have in his closets. Ref: JFK hit/coverup. You’ve got to start putting the pieces of the “puzzle” together yourself. ANSWER won't. Clark and ANSWER are sitting on documents you need to see in order to have an informed opinion on all the above and not be exploited victims of a coverup and covert-ops.

And now, on with the real investigation of the “war at home”, the new COINTELPRO, 9/11, the Oil/Drug Empire. The US corporate / National Security State must be stopped in their drive for total manipulation, domination and control of the world, its resources and population and stopped in its US Intelligence / LaRouche hijacking of the Peace movement. The Peace movement is an endangered species and is not immune from being manipulated, subverted and controlled along with the rest of the subjugated masses post 9/11.  Clark, Becker and La Riva don't want to talk about this.

Most of the liberal / left establishment, duped by media propaganda, supported the SLA and Patty Hearst in the seventies.  Then it was reported in the press and in "Why Was Patty Hearst Kidnapped" by Mae Brussell in The Realist Magazine, that the SLA / Patty Hearst were fronts for the FBI / CIA.

Most of the liberal / left establishment, duped by the FBI / CIA media propaganda, mistakenly thought the People's Temple was a liberal / left project until later press revelations showed otherwise.

Gov. Jerry Brown, SF Mayor Moscone, and the San Francisco Housing Authority were fooled into supporting Jim Jones, People's Temple in the seventies as Jones was building his CIA agricultural commune in Guyana, South America. 

The Jonestown hit-team assassinated Congressman Leo Ryan, two of his staff, and seriously wounded another of his staff, current California State Senator Jackie Spear . killed three press people, as almost 1000 members of Jonestown, mostly black people from the San Francisco Bay Area were forced to drink the deadly Kool-Aid spiked with Cyanide poisoning and murdered on orders by Rev. Jim Jones and CIA.  At a KPFA, Berkeley press conference Congressman Leo Ryan's surviving staff, holding documents, revealed that Jim Jones / Jonestown were fronts for CIA / MKultra mind control experiments.

Most of the liberal / left establishment from Holland to Argentina, New York to San Francisco, who had the misfortune of encountering the not so Humanist Party, mistakenly believed it to be simply a benign humanist group until press revelations came out all over the world to the contrary. Much of San Francisco were duped and then supported the Humanist Party in the mid to late '80's.  Network Against War and Fascism later revealed that it was a front for Rev. Moon's fascist Unification Church and linked to the Reagan / Bush White house, CIA, Moon's right hand man Bo Hi Pak, Military attache to Korean CIA.  Jack Anderson, syndicated columnist and other reports later in the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner revealed the Reagan / Bush links to Rev. Moon and his Unification Church.  The San Francisco Examiner revealed the Moonies links to the Contra terrorists of Latin America.

Most of the liberal / left establishment at various times and ways, especially in San Francisco's Castro neighborhood, encountered the New Alliance Party, mistakenly thought the NAP to be simply another benign left group.  Then press revelations and whistle blowers revealed the contrary.  Duped by the NAP's disinformation, the liberal / left in the US including San Francisco supported the New Alliance party.  Then it was revealed in press reports including the Bay Area Reporter (3/11/92), and lawsuits by a Black community publishing company in Mississippi ( Whistle Blowers , as reported in People's Daily World (5/19/1998) that the NAP is a front for Lyndon LaRouche.  The Peace and Freedom Party, such as Dennis Serrette, P&FP Presidential candidate in 1988 and others in California have good reason to believe then and now that the New Alliance Party is a LaRouche front and may be a front as well for FBI.  This should be checked into.

The point is, that most of the liberal / left establishment along with most of mainstream America can be just as gullible, naive, and hoodwinked by media or government propaganda as any other political or social group, left right or center.  That's what's been and is happening now with the various Government linked cults and cover-ops listed above.

Remember, the CIA has a major regional field Office in downtown San Francisco at Jackson & Battery St's. And they ‘re not down there post 9/11 just sitting around behind big fancy desks, reading liberal/Left Press, shuffling and filing papers and answering phones all day. They are very active in the S. F. Bay Area. Stop denying this reality.

People’s investigation of 9/11
Stop The Fourth Reich

Dec. 15,  2001

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