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The People's Investigation of 9/11...Stop the Fourth Reich

Lyndon LaRouche and The New American Fascism

Lyndon LaRouche and The New American Fascism

Deception Dollar


Time Is Running Out For The Peace Movement

Peace Movement Hijacked

The Peace Movement has been hijacked by Ramsey Clark and his un-elected, secretive cult. Clark linked to fascist, Gvmt. Agent Lyndon LaRouche & Co. The New Alliance Party is a major LaRouche Front Group.

Ramsey Clark’s Letter to Janet Reno; his defense of fascist, Gvmt.Agent L.LaRouche & Co. April 1995
See the letter

LaRouche is a U.S. Intelligence asset, racist, anti-Semitic, Homophobic.
Lyndon LaRouche, Demagogue, Anti-Semitic, Homophobic Bigot by Chip Berlet & Joel Bellman. Political Research Assoc, 1989

Jared Israel & Varkevisser blow cover off double agent, R.Clark codling Nazi war criminals from the Third Reich How Ramsey Clark Labored to Protect Nazi Émigrés. He is still doing it.
By Jared Israel and Nico Varkevisser 6/19/03

The Mysterious Ramsey Clark; Working Class Dupe or Ruling Class Spook? By Manny Goldstein

Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism
b y Dennis King

The antiwar / Peace movement and its pro-democracy agenda for World Peace, its direction, goals, agenda and membership has been hijacked and its resources hidden far from the probing eyes and ears of the Peace & Social Justice people the past 25 years.

This is being done by the same overlapping leadership that now calls itself A.N.S.W.E.R. / IAC; the biggest group of its kind in North America, headed by Clark, former U.S. Attorney General. This is being done by an un-elected, undemocratic, unchecked, right wing group, ANSWER / IAC who prohibit the practice of democracy within their group; disguised as a liberal / Left group.

They are linked, via Ramsey Clark to Lyndon LaRouche, America’s most notorious, documented U.S.Intelligence asset/ informant, the arch- enemy of the Left and Peace groups. See sites above. Get the facts on the spooks.

These Agents of deceit and disguise speak in an unfamiliar, foreign tong called Orwell’s 1984 language of “double speak”- the language of the Third Reich, the Fourth Reich, the Republican Party and the Bush Regime. They employ many psy ops, covert ops and CIA reality inversion programs like COINTELPRO & MKUltra post 9/11 in order to foist their secret, State sponsored agenda onto the unsuspecting masses.

They repackage and sell their Trojan horse; secret schemes to you as “Left/democracy” in order to, as deep cover infiltrators, destroy the Peace movement. This has happened without almost no one noticing the past 25 years nationwide till above press/web disclosures. They (the Clark/Becker/LaRiva/ ANSWER cult) have particularly been targeting the San Francisco Bay Area since ‘75.They are the clandestine Bush/LaRouche/Clark/ANSWER/IAC cabal.

The Peace movement is an endangered species and now under attack by these wolves in sheep’s clothing, masquerading as the Peace movement’s “legitimate leaders”, yet un-elected; with unchecked power over people and unchecked wealth and resources; and with sinister connections. It would be a terrible thing to lose the Peace movement due to human laziness; not to even check into this; lost to apathy, shallow, superficial thinking, lost to the primordial human drive of some for blind faith hero worship- the primitive, crude impulse of some for authoritarianism or dictatorship like Clark’s A.N.S.W.E.R. cult. It’s a group with unchecked power, money, secrecy and above sinister links to rule over all and to wield hegemony over its unsuspecting, captive audience-the anti-war masses.

Whose interest does this unchecked hegemony and tyranny really serve? –Not the Peace movement. Don’t let the cult think for you. Think for your self. Don’t join or support any group with such tyrannical power and documented, sinister connections. Don’t let them co-opt or sweet talk/con you into anything.

The Peace movement is being taken for a ride by Clark’s un-elected A.N.S.W.E.R./ Int’l Action Center Cult- a ride down to the cleaners for a set-up-a big post 9/11 shake down by the Bush regime, and right through the front iron gates of the Fourth Reich in America. Clark admits working and aligned closely with Gvmt. Agent L. LaRouche.

We need to rebuild the Peace movement against all imperialist wars; a democracy based movement that exposes and denounces all Bush/Gvmt. high crimes like 9/11, all U.S. Agents and Agent collaborators; a reorganized movement that is built by and for the people and workers on a non-hierarchical, horizontal democracy basis; Not on an unelected, secret Clark cult with links to America’s biggest domestic Intelligence Asset like LaRouche nor to Nazi war criminals from the Third Reich which Clark and thus his group coddles & defends. We need democracy in the Peace movement, not fascism or fascists.

Riva Enteen, of A.N.S.W.E.R. Steering Committee, Northern.Calif. /. Director of Nat’l Lawyers Guild, is strangely not telling you that your rights as an anti-war, Peace & Social Justice protestor and supporter should include your right to be fully informed in order to:

1) Rebuild, from the ground up an elected Peace movement with truly legitimate, representative leadership based on open, democratic due process-no secrecy (to be a model for the rest of America and the world) To really know who’s currently misguiding the Peace movement.

2) Encourage the right of each Peace protester to act on their rightful, role, voice & vote in all decisions on leadership, agenda, goals- No secrecy- No CIA personality cults.

3) Encourage all to collect & publish accurate documents exposing any and all covert ops, Gvmt. agents or saboteurs like La Rouche and Clark, etc; Full disclosure

4) Easy access to monthly/ yearly, complete financial disclosure statements on above

5) Demand that R.Clark open all his/Gvmt. files and records on his cohort and fellow traveler, Lyndon LaRouche. Is Clark still working for the Federal Gvmt.?

Evil begins to happen when good people do nothing.

Don't ask the easy questions, start asking the hard questions.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.
1984 by George Orwell

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield Guilty of 9/11!
Impeach & Try The Terrorists/War Criminals!
The Peoples Investigation of 9/11

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